How it all began...

In the spring of 1965, Herbert James started James Tree Service with just a pickup truck and a double-bit axe.  At the time, he was working at the North Little Rock Memorial Hospital boiler room, but had a passion to be working outside with trees and plants.  A true outdoorsman, he loved being close to nature.  A people person, he loved helping people.  He decided to put the two together and James Tree Service was born.  Since tree climbing equipment was not commercially available, he had to make his own climbing gear.  

By the summer of 1970, Herbert started bringing his son, Terry out on the job sites with him.  Terry watched his dad deal with customers, and saw his knack for solving their tree problems.  Little by little, summer after summer, Terry picked up his dad's tree techniques, and decided that this is what he wanted to do when he grew up. 

Herbert bought the company's first bucket truck in 1978.  The years 1978-1984 were years of growth for James Tree Service.  Herbert started expanding his fleet of equipment and his crew.  By 1981, Terry had graduated and was helping him in the tree service.   

In the early eighties, after a dangerous storm hit the Heights area in Little Rock, Herbert saw the need for his own personal crane.  Affectionately calling it his "fishing pole,"  he could "fish" dangerous trees out and lift them over houses, when they couldn't be reached any other way (The crane is used heavily in our business today, and sets us apart from other tree services). 

Terry continued to work with his dad for many years, and started his own crew.  Today, Terry and his son, Justin James own and operate the tree service (Sadly, we lost Herbert in January of 2015).  Both Terry and Justin have Herbert's eye for detail, knack for pleasing the customer, principles of honesty, and old-fashioned work ethic. ("Don't leave until the customer is happy!") 

James Tree Service has come a long way since the days of Herb's double-bit axe! Today, we have a 5 man crew, a fleet of 8 trucks, and cutting edge equipment to handle anything from simple trimming to the most complicated and hazardous removals.  Our service is three generations strong, and still growing!